[Online] Cards of Destiny Training


Taught by Dylan Rohde
(Pre-Requisite is Level 1 Improv)

$100 (Purchase by Nov 15th and save $25)

Cards of Destiny is The Backline's version of short-form improv and features a series a quick challenges picked at random from a deck of cards. This class will work on finding a fun focus to latch onto immediately, using the guidelines given to your own advantage, how to read the audience and give them what they want, and in general become a better improviser.

This class will be held online, since Cards of Destiny has become an online event during the pandemic. Every member of this class will be given the opportunity to perform in a show with great improvisers from cities all around the nation.

Class will begin Sunday December 6th from 5pm-7:30pm and lasts 4 weeks and will end with a class show.