Level 1 Improv - Intro to Improv (Saturdays)


Taught by Dylan Rohde
previous experience required.)

This class will focus on taking an idea and creating 2-person scenes that are focused and are guaranteed to get laughs. Whether you're looking to become a professional improviser or just have more fun every week, this is the class you need to take.

The Backline Training Center is the only improv community in the Midwest that teaches UCB-style "game" play, but also includes the traditional Chicago-style "relationships" allowing our students to be able to comfortably play with improvisers around the nation and feel confident they will get laughs while creating interesting scenes.

Class will begin July 11th and lasts 7 Saturdays, 12pm-3pm. There will be a class show after the last class.

(You are allowed to miss 2 classes and the final show and still move on to Level 2.)