Level 1 Improv for Teens (Sundays)


Taught by Robyn Helwig
(13-19 years old. No
previous experience required)

Learn the basics of long-form improvisational comedy from one of the best improv schools in the middle of the country! We are also proud to compare our introductory class to any school around the nation. In 7 weeks you will be improvising scenes that will make a room full of people laugh, a lot.

This class will focus on taking an idea and creating 2-person scenes that are focused and are guaranteed to get laughs. Whether you're looking to become a professional improviser or just have more fun every week, this is the class you need to take.

This class will be taught by Robyn Helwig, who is an alum of The Backline, and also teaches at The Rose Theatre!

Class will begin August 11th and lasts 7 Sundays, 12pm-3pm.
Class Show will be Thursday, October 3rd at 7pm.