The 2019 3-Person Improv Competition

Fri, Nov 22, 2019
Sat, Nov 23, 2019
Fri, Nov 29, 2019
Thu, Dec 5, 2019
Fri, Dec 13, 2019

The 2019 3-Person Improv Competition

This annual competition finds out which 3-person improv team is the best in Omaha!

Comprising of 4 separate nights with 4 teams each night, and no performer is allowed to be on two teams. This means 48 of Omaha's top improvisers finding out which trio works best together, performing longform improv sets in 2 total rounds. This means only one champion each night moves on to the final 4 teams.

Fri, Nov 22nd - 7pm
Sat, Nov 23rd - 10pm
Fri, Nov 29th - 7pm
Thu, Dec 5th - 9:30pm

Fri, Dec 13th - 7pm